March 27
Monday 7:00 PM
This is a monthly meeting for encouraging growth in marriages. Couples are invited to join in a video discussion group the last Monday at 7:00 pm.
Together we will be working through the video series entitled The Marriage You Always Wanted by Gary Chapman. A workbook accompanies these videos and is available for $10.
Contact to purchase.
Main Campus: Fellowship Hall Old Sanctuary in C
April 09
Sunday 5:30 PM
Patterns of Evidence is a movie that explores evidence in history that proves the truth of the Bible; proves you can believe in the Bible and that it is more than just myths and folk lore. The event is approximately three hours long, but will include an intermission and discussion following the movie.
Main Campus: New Main Sanctuary
April 10
Monday 6:00 PM
Youth- ladies - gather for fun and fellowship with Desiree Harwood
Main Campus: Ignite classroom - Suite A
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